The project manager’s decisions are influenced by more than just time. The precision of the testing process is equally crucial because it has a direct impact on the concrete structure’s quality.

It’s critical for project managers to examine the influence each methodology will have on their timetable when picking a method for concrete strength measuring and monitoring. While some testing can be done on-site, others need additional time for third-party facilities to deliver strength data.

Concrete Cylinder Break Testing

The compressive strength of hardened concrete is measured by pouring cylinders of fresh concrete and then measuring the amount of force necessary to break up the concrete at predetermined intervals throughout the hardening process.

Testing must be done several times (at least three standard-cured specimens must be tested), and if the strength tests do not yield satisfactory results, efforts must be taken to raise the concrete’s strength.

Concrete cylinder testing is an important phase in the construction process since it ensures that the ready mix concrete that will be used is acceptable for the purpose. The most frequent performance metric used by engineers designing buildings and other structures is cylinder testing.

As per ASTM Intl standards, “5.3 The results of this test method are used as a basis for quality control of concrete proportioning, mixing, and placing operations; determination of compliance with specifications; control for evaluating effectiveness of admixtures; and similar uses.Read more about ASTM C39.

Filmix Concrete Testing Facility

Here at Filmix Concrete Industries Inc, we are fully-equipped with the facility and machineries for testing our concrete. We strictly adhere to ASTM International standards in testing our concrete. Check out some of our equipment below.

The concrete cylinder test will reveal that after only a few weeks, the strength has deteriorated to considerably below the minimum acceptable strength. This provides the information necessary for the construction company to avoid constructing weak structures composed of inferior concrete.

Concrete Compression Test Video


The compression test demonstrates the maximum strength that concrete can acquire under ideal conditions. The compression test determines the strength of concrete in its hardened form. ASTM standard processes are used to prepare, cure, and test field concrete samples. Concrete from various building sites is used to create specimens.

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