Company Profile

Our Vision

“To be the leading provider of quality ready mix concrete and precast concrete products in the Philippines.”

Our Mission

Superior Customer Service

We understand that customers are the reason for our company’s existence. Hence, we are fully committed to provide products and services that exceed your expectations through on time service delivery, superior ready-mix concrete quality, and precast concrete items.

Investment to Technology

Situated in a city of robust economic growth, the company will continually invest in modern equipment and technology to effectively meet the growing needs of the region’s infrastructure development.

Our Values


We give nothing less but our very best in everything that we do.

Result Oriented

We make things happen.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our primary concern.


Great things are accomplished because our company moves as one.


We uphold high ethical standards in all business transactions we do.


We value people of commitment.

Facilities and Equipment

Filmix batching plant at General Santos City

Filmix Concrete Industries, Inc. uses two types of batching plant – PAN MIXER TYPE CONCRETE MIXING PLANT and HZS50 MOBILE CONCRETE MIXING PLANT (WET MIX) has cement silos placed in every Batching Plant location.

image: Filmix Concrete Batch Plant
Espina, Labangal, General Santos City

Filmix Batching Plant Control Room

The batching plant control room, where all the controls of the whole plant are located, is situated inside the batching plant complex.

The equipment inside the control room enables manual and/or automatic control of RMC Design Mix according to specific weight of: aggregates, cement and water elements to generate excellent concrete quality.

New Transit Mixer Trucks by Filmix

Filmix Concrete Industries, Inc. operates twenty-five units (25) transit mixers with each unit having an 8 to 10 cubic capacity.

The fleet operates on a 24-hour basis with a full-time maintenance team.

Bulk Cement Trucks from JY Enterprises Inc

JY Enterprises Inc (JYEI) primarily provides Filmix Concrete Industries, Inc. equipment support through providing cement bulk trucks to quickly refill its cement Silos.

JYEI has twenty-five (25) cement bulk trucks ready for dispatch to back up Filmix operations and other customers.

Filmix Concrete Pump Truck (Pumpcrete)

Filmix Concrete Industries, Inc. operates eight (8) Truck-mounted Pumpcrete units where it can pump at least 120 cubic of cement per hour to a maximum height of 43 meters or 5 storey building and one (1) unit Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump. (above: Truck Mounted Concrete Pump or Pumpcrete, below: Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump)

Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

Wheel loader from JY Enterprises Inc

Filmix Concrete Industries, Inc. has a brand new LiuGong loader unit with a bucket capacity of 2-cubic used for stock piling and feeding of aggregates.

Laboratory Apparatus

Filmix Digital Compression Testing Machine

Digital Compression Testing Machine

Used for testing both blocks and cylinders specimens with the same frame according to ASTM standards.

Filmix Digital High Frequency Sieve Shaker

Digital High Frequency Sieve Shaker

Used to determine the grain size analysis of fine and coarse aggregates.

Filmix Sand Density Cone Apparatus

Sand Density Cone Apparatus

Used to assess the degree of compaction and measure the in-situ density of fine-grained compacted soil.

Filmix Standard Testing Sieves

Standard Testing Sieves

ASTM Test Sieves are available in a variety of diameters, including 3in (76mm), 6in (152mm), 8in (203mm), 10in (254mm), 12in (305mm), and 18in (457mm), as well as full or half-height frames with various sieve sizes to accommodate a wide range of particle sizes.

Filmix All Stainless Steel Drying Oven

All Stainless Steel Drying Oven

Used to determined moisture content of aggregates.

Filmix Shrinkage Limit Test Set

Shrinkage Limit Test Set

To determine a soil’s water content and whether or not further moisture loss would result in a volume decline. ASTM D4943 is the test used to establish the shrinkage limit.

Filmix Liquid Limit Tester

Liquid Limit Test Set

To characterize the fine-grained fractions of soils and to designate the fine-grained fraction of construction materials, Liquid Limit Testing is employed as an integral part of numerous engineering categorization systems.

Filmix FORNEY Press-Aire Meter (Air Meter)

Air Meter

Used for ASTM C231: Testing Air Content of Concrete. The goal of this test is to use a pressure meter to determine the air content of a concrete sample.

Filmix Portable Compactor composed of Rammer and Proctor Mould

Portable Compactor

As per ASTM International Standards D 698, D 1557, and D 558: The relation between the moisture content and density of compacted soil is determined using moulds and rammers. Collar, mould body, and base plate are all made of plated steel. Rammers are constructed of plated steel and are used to compact the soil sample in the Proctor Moulds. Various models are available that comply with the applicable standards.

Filmix Curing Pond

Curing Ponds