If you’ve ever been interested or familiar with building construction, you’d know concrete plays a major part in its process. Concrete is the result of combining cement, water, and aggregates to form a hard material used for building houses, paving roads, and other construction projects.

For minor projects like fixing holes and damages on your concrete fence or building a small pathway for your garage and small renovations, concrete is created the conventional way – manual mixing of materials on site. For large-scale construction, however, you’d need sizeable volumes. This is where ready-mix concrete comes in.

Ready-mix concrete is produced in ‘batching plants’ or ‘concrete batch plants’ where the materials are mixed carefully and methodically, then delivered to where the construction is taking place by a transit mixer. Ready-mix concrete or rmc, is measured in volume by cubic meters.

Why use rmc?

While some people would argue that using ready-mix concrete can be costly, the advantages of opting for it during construction is significantly abundant.

An article was already written by engineers about the comparison of rmc and site mixed concrete. The factors that greatly affect the operation include time, equipment, distribution, waste material, quality, and work force. From the comparison we can clearly distinguish the huge benefits of rmc.

Who is Filmix?

Filmix Concrete Industries Incorporated is one of the leading ready-mix concrete manufacturers and suppliers in Mindanao. They have established batching plants in General Santos City (Gensan), Davao City, Koronadal City (Marbel), Digos City, and Butuan City and has been serving premium quality rmc to these areas and its neighboring cities.

Why use ready-mix concrete from Filmix?

For almost two decades since it was established, Filmix has maintained its quality and continues to produce ASTM-standard ready-mix concrete in Mindanao. Their brand is trusted by major companies and government agencies during construction projects and has been lauded for their premium quality rmc.

You buy only the best quality at Filmix.