It’s been months since we’ve given an update on Dole‘s latest construction project. The construction of their biogas plant has so far been progressing smoothly. Erection began early 2021 at their headquarters in Polomolok, South Cotabato.

Filmix is continuously supplying the ready mix concrete. The facility is almost operational. See our on-site photos taken recently.

Benefits of Biogas

1.Renewable Energy Sources

Plants, animals, and people all produce organic stuff. Biogas is a green energy source since raw materials can be replicated. It also reduces the negative effects of inappropriate trash disposal.

2. Waste Reutilization

It is preferable to use and convert trash into biogas rather than letting them decay in landfills. Because less methane, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases are created, the environmental risk is lessened. Waste is converted into energy that can be used for electricity, heating, cooking, and fertilizer.

3. Assists in the creation of a circular economy

Human and animal wastes include animal manure, food wastes, wastewater, and crop residue. If these wastes are not properly processed, they can cause injury. These organic wastes are turned into biogas, which can be used in a more beneficial way. Biogas is used for energy and heating, natural gas is used for cars and cooking, and digestate is used as fertilizer.

4. A Good Electricity and Cooking Alternative in Rural Areas and Developing Countries

Electricity is scarce in some locations, limiting people’s ability to live comfortably. Biogas may be a viable option for them. It is simple to set up and may be used for both small and large-scale operations.

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