ACE Medical Center – Butuan City has been in constant construction for their proposed hospital building. You may remember some progress updates from our previous Facebook posts last year. Delays in operation are mostly caused by the pandemic, some by weather disturbances.

Here are some images taken on-site. Check our Facebook and website daily for more construction updates. View more of our pouring activities in Butuan City here.

Hospital Construction Trivia

The choice of whether to build a hospital with structural concrete or structural steel is far more challenging than you may think. When selecting whether to use steel or concrete as the principal structural material for health care facilities, many considerations are taken into account.

It can come down to something as simple as floor penetrations when deciding between structural concrete and steel-frame construction. Hospitals frequently require a large number of them, both during construction and as the structures age.

Cores are easier and less expensive to install in steel frames with concrete on metal deck flooring. Structural concrete, on the other hand, is superior at handling building vibration. Concrete dampens vibration, which is advantageous when medical equipment becomes increasingly sensitive to movement.

Here are some advantages of using concrete:

  • Fire-proofing is not required for structural concrete.
  • Because concrete structures are rigid, there is less vibration, which is becoming increasingly vital for complex hospital equipment.
  • The performance of MRI imaging equipment can be harmed by steel beams.
  • Radioactive treatments are adequately shielded by concrete.
  • The air quality in buildings is generally better.
  • It is easier and less expensive to add on to a structure later.
  • Buildings made of concrete are quieter.
  • The spread of the fire is limited.
  • Concrete can be used as a floor finish, which eliminates the Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in other types of flooring.
  • Concrete building is long-lasting.

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